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The benefits that a team building can bring to your company

17 Jul 2019 in

Could you sum up the benefits of team building in one word?
What are its advantages?
How can they help your company?
Today we are going to reveal 6 benefits that this business activity, commonly known as Team Building, can bring to your business.
Fun, entertainment, dispersion...
Some people would describe a team building session like this. But these business events are much more than that. Their most characteristic feature is that they focus only on the workers. Giving them the weight and importance they really deserve.
And you might ask yourself... But... and how can this benefit my organization?
To answer this question, I invite you to take a little tour of history.
Let's get started!
The advantages of team building and its historical roots
Have you ever wondered what your company's most important asset is?
We have often heard that human resources are an organization's most important asset. But... is this statement true? Do companies really value workers as their most valuable asset?
Peter Druker, Austrian lawyer and treatise writer, considered the most influential author on business management in the 20th century. It was he who, in the mid-1950s, began to see and pass on the value of workers in companies. And he did so, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, when companies were considered profit-making machines and their workers; something that was to be eliminated by less expensive and more efficient automation.
Drucker, began to talk about companies as human communities, and about employees as essential assets to be respected and valued.
Although today there are still companies that do not value their employees as highly as they should, perhaps because they do not know how to do so, many companies have approached their growth from a new prism; people-centeredproductivity. Empowering their talent, their creativity and their motivation.
We have seen that this new approach really works. Caring for your employees, putting more emphasis on fulfilling their needs as a team, doing activities that are fun for them and help them develop their creativity, achieves great results.
Therefore, we want to share with you some of the main benefits that our team building activities can bring to your most valuable asset: your people.
Take notes!
1. Enhance teamwork
Teamwork is the key to the success of a company and the key to its survival in the long run.
Each and every one of the people who have been part, in one way or another, of our activities; have this concept engraved in their memory. We transmit it, we put it into practice and, above all, we feel it.
When working as a team, the efforts of each member of the group are enhanced, reducing the time of execution and increasing the effectiveness of the results. This way of working, besides being the most productive, promotes an optimal and enviable working environment.
2. Improve communication
Our team building activities emphasize the importance of communication to achieve common goals.
The participants experience, through different activities, the direct relationship that exists between communication, organization and good results.
To see for themselves the satisfaction that comes from reaching objectives through coordination and teamwork allows them to transfer that learning to the workplace.
Adequate communication at work avoids misunderstandings and allows all members to work cohesively towards a common goal.
3. Stimulates confidence and collegiality
It is necessary to create links between people working together to generate a good working environment. Doing so creates a good working environment and provides a number of benefits for the company and for the employees themselves.
In each one of our activities for companies, we verify that the results that are achieved thanks to the effort and the collaboration of the whole group; strengthen the connections between the participants. Feeling that working together and coordinated, they can achieve their objectives, makes their team spirit stronger and increases self-confidence.
4. Encourage a positive attitude
The attitude with which we face the different events around us is fundamental. A positive attitude will allow people to feel happier in their life and, consequently, in their work. They will become more motivated and therefore more productive employees.
This attitude is what we encourage in each of our workshops. The participants discover that the only way to achieve their objectives is to leave their comfort zone, facing the different activities with willingness and positive attitude.
5. Increases creativity
Sometimes, we surprise ourselves with what we are capable of doing. We underestimate ourselves and hold back that creative part that we all have.
Our team building activities are a good opportunity to sharpen your mind and let all your creativity flow.
6. Reinforces the feeling of belonging to the company
Team building activities make employees feel more connected to their company. They begin to know it better, to see it closer and to feel part of it; so the loyalty is greater.
Feeling that they are a team, encourages the feeling of belonging; something really stimulating and comforting for the workers.
6 benefits that can become the fundamental cornerstones on which to build your business strategy. With them there will be no competition to resist and your employees will be productive and happy!
Executing motivational activities for your company's staff, through team building activities, is an excellent alternative that will manage to break the ice, eliminate any feeling of mistrust that may exist in your team, as well as offering a totally enjoyable, fun and different experience.