Team Building  Do you know what it is and how to do it?

01 Mar 2020 in
team building for companies

Team Building:
Do you know what it is and how to do it?

The search for a better working environment is not something modern. Even in the 1930s, researchers such as Elton Mayo, a sociologist and organizational theorist, began to focus on the idea of how good working conditions, a pleasant working environment and recognition of workers significantly increased productivity. It seems very obvious, but even today many companies do not take it into consideration.

The benefits that a team building can bring to your company

17 Jul 2019 in
team building

Could you sum up the benefits of team building in one word?
What are its advantages?
How can they help your company?
Today we are going to reveal 6 benefits that this business activity, commonly known as Team Building, can bring to your business.
Fun, entertainment, dispersion...
Some people would describe a team building session like this. But these business events are much more than that. Their most characteristic feature is that they focus only on the workers. Giving them the weight and importance they really deserve.