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Team Building  Do you know what it is and how to do it?

01 Mar 2020 in

Team Building:
Do you know what it is and how to do it?

The search for a better working environment is not something modern. Even in the 1930s, researchers such as Elton Mayo, a sociologist and organizational theorist, began to focus on the idea of how good working conditions, a pleasant working environment and recognition of workers significantly increased productivity. It seems very obvious, but even today many companies do not take it into consideration.

Team building activities have been a standard part of Human Resources programs for some time now, but what is the main objective? To take the team further than the office, and with this we do not only mean to meet for a drink after the work day, but to make the whole team, known and unknown between departments, carry out a joint activity that allows them to live new experiences and relate to their colleagues outside the office.

-Improves productivity.
-Strengthens team spirit and helps teamwork.
-Increases empathy among employees.
-Helps to achieve business goals and professional and personal development.
-Increases motivation and positive attitude.
-Promotes healthy competitiveness and the desire to improve.Managers and directors learn to delegate responsibilities.
-Better resistance to stress.
-The ability to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and make decisions accordingly.
-Reinforces the company's brand image.

Many leisure and tourism companies, aware of the increase in business activities, have incorporated team building among their services: the 'escape room' has become popular in recent years, through the game the teams develop logic and have to work together against the clock (something not very different from what sometimes happens in the working day, but here with a fun element).

Another example is the wineries, wine tourism is a booming sector and winery owners have seen in the organizations one more customer. Their services include wine tasting, going to the harvest for a day, activities in the vineyards, among others.

Team building dynamics within the company.

Retrospective days: team meetings beyond the exclusive project meetings with clients. At least once a month, bring together the entire team, all departments and the general management for a retrospective evaluation of the group's work.

Wondering what we're doing right? What's wrong? What do we need to strengthen? helps improve communication. It is important that there is a climate of trust between employees and managers so that the former can propose and most importantly, feel understood.

It creates a space for disconnection: We are quite (badly) used to spending many hours in the office, although we already know that the formula of more hours plus productivity is not usually true. Leave a space in the office reserved for your employees (other than the kitchen), put a couple of armchairs, a coffee machine, a nice place to sit and disconnect for a few minutes. A meeting place for colleagues. Don't think of it as a waste of time, but as a mental break for your employees and a way for them to relate to each other.
As we have seen there are infinite possibilities and methods to work on team building in your company. It is simply a matter of evaluating which one best suits the needs of your team and if you do not find it, there are professionals who can advise you throughout the process. With these activities you learn to face difficulties, break down barriers and above all, to give meaning to the word team.